We are students that have taken over Taiwan's Legislature. Almost half a million people have joined us in support. AMA! : IAmA →

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Sunflower Student Movement Update 02/04/14


  • KMT Legislators are currently trying to enter a building of the Legislative Yuan to begin clause-by-clause review of the Cross-Strait Service Trade Pact (CSSTA)
  • DPP Legislators are blocking their entry in support of the student’s demand that a Cross-Strait Supervision Act is first passed by the Legislative Yuan and then applied to review and passage of the CSSTA. 


  • The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) is drawing up its proposed Cross-Strait Supervision Bill
  • The students of the Sunflower Student Movement successfully repelled a counter-demonstration by former? Bamboo Union gangster Chang An-le (aka White Wolf #blackpuppy) on April 1st 2014.  Chang is currently out on bail awaiting trial on a variety of charges. 


Democracy at 4am, New York Times 

Finally, what we’ve been waiting for.


Fly over of the crowds of protestors gathered in Taipei for the 3-30 Rally.


OPticFlight 衛星定位多旋翼空中拍攝載具


Rough visual estimate of the crowd density at around 4pm on Sunday March 30th 2014 for the Sunflower Student Movement rally in opposition to the Government’s handling of the Cross-Strait Service Trade Pact.

Source: Kelvin Cherng相片

Results of President Ma’s 29/03/14 6.30pm Press Conference


Via Focustaiwan

President Ma Ying-jeou expressed support Saturday for a proposal by protesters occupying the Legislature that a law be enacted to subject all agreements with China to close scrutiny.

Speaking in a news conference, Ma said the Mainland Affairs Council is expected to unveil scrunity measures next week, and he urged legislators across party lines to work to pass the law within the current legislative session by the end of May.

However, Ma rejected the protesters’ demand that the legislative process of the controversial trade-in-services pact with China be halted until a scrutiny mechanism for cross-Taiwan Strait agreements is legalized.

He said the administration is in favor of an item-by-item review of the pact in the Legislature but does not support the protesters’ demand that the pact be returned to the Executive Yuan.

The president also said the Executive Yuan is evaluating the possibility of holding a “civic constitutional meeting” as proposed by the protesters.

So, in summary, Ma is now in favour of item-by-item review (which he was first opposed to), and a Cross-Strait Supervision Act (which his party had previously rejected and blocked in the Legislative Yuan) but the latter cannot be applied to the CSSTA, and the CSSTA cannot be returned to the Executive Yuan - which means it’s progress in the Legislative Yuan would be halted and the Government would have to submitt it to the LY from scratch, delaying its ratification for many months if not years(s). 

In other words, Ma’s position has only changed incrementally.  This probably accounts for why the student leaders of the Sunflower Student Movement are still intending to continue with holding a large scale rally on Ketagala Boulevard tomorrow between 1pm and 7pm.


Taipei Good Morning on Flickr.

When get out from the city, will able to see it clearly

there are protests around the world in support of the sunflower student movement!!

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