Photography by David Yen

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ZhongHe District Mini-Set

Photography by David Yen

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Across Tamsui, Taiwan


4/1/2013 Taipei

Photography by David Yen

My photos are visual documentation of events and do not actually reflect any personal political beliefs. This should be the last photoset of this nature. Thanks for following along.


3/30 Taipei Protest / Photoset 1

Photography by David Yen

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What Do The KMT & CCP Have In Common?


  • Both parties come from China
  • Both parties claim to represent the real China
  • Both parties hold to a principle of ‘One China’ that includes Taiwan
  • Both parties have a history of authoritarian rule
  • Both parties have used violence to eradicate dissent
  • Both parties believe opposition to the Service Trade Pact derives from protestors ‘misunderstanding’ the nature of cross-strait relations
  • Both parties resolutely oppose Taiwanese having a choice of whether Taiwan should be part of the ROC or PRC
  • Both parties claim to be democratic
  • Both parties celebrate the Xinhai Revolution
  • Both parties recognise Dr Sun Yat-sen as a founding father of the nation
  • Both parties claim to be the legitimate successors to the Qing Dynasty
  • Both parties claim 5000 years of uninterrupted history of the ‘Chinese nation’
  • Both parties claim the Senkaku Islands
  • Both parties stand by claims of territory within the ‘nine dotted line’
  • Both parties support the death penalty
  • Both parties have used the death penalty against political opponents
  • Both parties internal structures are Leninist in nature
  • Both parties regard Taiwanese who seek independence as ‘separatists’
  • Both parties think Taiwanese national identity is a modern construct born of outside interference
  • Both parties use education to prevent younger populations from developing politically incorrect ideas
  • Both parties consider democracy to be messy and unpredictable, and will usually only tolerate it if a preferred outcome is guaranteed
  • Both parties only listen to outside opinion when it validates their own
  • Both parties wish to restore China as the dominant political and economic global hegemony
  • Both parties seek the annexation of Taiwan into the PRC
  • Both parties regard controlling media (informally & formally) as an important mechanism for shaping public opinion
  • Both parties tolerate and encourage public protest when it works in their favour
  • Both parties see economic integration as a precondition for political annexation of Taiwan
  • Both parties believe cross-strait relations are the preserve of party-to-party communication and decision making - both will not tolerate democratic oversight or restriction
  • Both parties use ‘constitutionalism’ to construct claims to territory
  • Both parties struggle with generational changes in leadership
  • Both parties believe that Taiwan was ‘returned’ to China in WWII
  • Both parties regard the Treaty of Shimonoseki as an ‘Unequal Treaty’ nullified by the 1945 Japanese surrender and 1951 Treaty of Taipei
  • Both parties regard all people on Taiwan as ‘Han Chinese’, and ‘Aboriginals’ as one of China’s ethnic groups


on a journey.

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Mossy Rocks by Sue Hsu

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